DBLookup Component (without source code)

DBLookup Component (without source code) 1.0

The component provides your end-users with the ability to enter,...

The component provides your end-users with the ability to enter, edit or select a value for a field from a drop-down list of values that is populated from a second lookup table.

It greatly expanding upon the capabilities of Delphi`s built-in TDBLookupComboBox component. Some of the enhancements to this component include the following:You can select any number of fields to be displayed in the drop-down list.

End-users can incrementally search through the lookup list by directly typing into the combo control while the lookup list is displayed. This is a great advantage when using lookup tables that contain hundreds or even thousands of records.

Component automatically detects when a user`s entry is not in the lookup list, and allows you to perform an action. The values in the drop-down list are sorted in the order of the first field you select to be displayed, if it`s a secondary index field, instead of being sorted in primary key order.

and many more - see demo. The download file contains Delphi packages and a sample application that demonstrates the component. Viewing the demo is easier than installing the component and then experimenting for yourself.

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DBLookup Component (without source code)


DBLookup Component (without source code) 1.0

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